My “First Entry”

Anxiety, fear, nervousness, excitement, anticipation, hope… These were all the feelings that made my stomach turn at the thought I had become a student! I have always been considered as self-confident, determined, somewhat risky and daring personality, yet the new experience for me was more than simply exciting! I couldn’t fight against such negative thoughts as how I would feel far from home and my family and how I would get socialized into a totally new environment. Yet, in spite of all my worries, I looked and really felt happy! Neither my relatives nor my friends ever thought I had a fear inside me. They would say, “If I had the confidence you do, I would reach the world’s edge”! And as I wanted to look the same confident girl I had been during all the previous years, I played my role secretly hoping I would manage everything. Continue reading “My “First Entry””

How I Found The 25th Hour

Since my childhood, I have been quite a busy person, super dynamic and energetic. I have always been trying to be everywhere and to do everything. Studying, training, hanging out with my friends, traveling, working… Everything and everywhere! If I see that I can learn something new, that I can earn some money, that I can participate in any championship, if somebody needs me, be sure I’ll be there. All in all, 24 hours per day was enough for everything even if it seemed to be unbelievable! Continue reading “How I Found The 25th Hour”