How I Found The 25th Hour

Since my childhood, I have been quite a busy person, super dynamic and energetic. I have always been trying to be everywhere and to do everything. Studying, training, hanging out with my friends, traveling, working… Everything and everywhere! If I see that I can learn something new, that I can earn some money, that I can participate in any championship, if somebody needs me, be sure I’ll be there. All in all, 24 hours per day was enough for everything even if it seemed to be unbelievable!

But once I entered my college, I have become limited. The studies invaded all my time. One half of my day was spent on classes in the college, and the other half was dedicated to homework! The only thing I saw those days were permanent unstoppable letters. I read letters, I wrote letters, I saw letters everywhere, I learned some of those letters by heart in a particular order. Every hour of my priceless days turned into giant and endless scrabble game and I was totally exhausted and depressed. I still wanted to do all the things I used to, but I couldn’t.

How I Found The 25th HourAnd then it hit me that I’m not obliged to do ALL the stuff I don’t want to do. I had the opportunity to choose and I used this chance to ease my pain. The time I recognized there are subjects I can ignore (within the limits, of course) and save my priceless time I was out of the wood. I saw the sunshine, I heard the birds singing, I was a Superwoman and I got my powers back. The only problem I have is to set out the priorities, to choose between what I HAVE to do and what I WANT to do. I know that it is necessary and nobody would do the things I have to do instead of me. For instance, I am going to be a sociologist and we have 2 month of literature theory. I bet there is no chance I’m going to use all those zeugmas, metaphors and so on in my future life. What I do is just learning the essential information at the last second, but you can’t even imagine how much time I save following the only rule.

What I’m trying to say is not that you should ignore your classes, but that you are always able to choose. There are so many people who don’t value the resource called “time”. But I can say that I know the price of my free time and I do set a high value on it whether I have one hour or one day free. I can’t stand wasting my time! The lack of free time pushes me forward, gives me the right rhythm! And I want you to know how priceless your time is.

I enjoy when my calendar is full and I don’t have even one free minute. You wake up, you prepare yourself for the day, you go to your classes after you go to work, you finish your day in the gym and between all these things you still do your homework, meet your friends and have your dreams! You can manage to do that, just do what you love, and love what you do. This is the simple truth, still it helped me to get through my hard times. So keep it in the back of your mind and enjoy every minute of your life!