How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love My Student Life

Ivividly remember my first day at college. I was so scared, I did not want to leave home as I have never been so far from my family. My mother helped me to pack all my stuff and sent me to the hostel. The next day I came into independent adulthood.

The first time I came to the lectures, I was confused. It seemed like I did not know a thing. There were 18 people in my group and I was elected as a monitor. At first, there were some problems with a couple of my groupmates as they did not want to attend classes and were heedless of advice and I always got into scrapes. After a while, we all got used to each other. Our group became very friendly. We have always shared all the information, helped each other with hometasks and so on. I was so nervous before the first exam, but my friends fed me chocolate and calmed and managed to pass the exam.

How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love My Student Life

I would like to tell you about life in the hostel. I was so scared to get a bad room full of retarded girls and insects. And I was lucky again. I lived with my groupmate and for 2 years older girl who was very sweet and friendly. She showed us the kitchen, shower and other necessary things. At first, I missed my house, my very own room, but then realized that the hostel is not so bad. I’ve found a lot of new friends there. As the majority of my groupmates also lived in the hostel, we used to gather in someone’s room and do the whole hometasks. It was not only about hanging out and having fun, but we really found it useful as we explained and clarified some things to each other and we had a kind of brainstorming almost every evening.

I was so very lucky with my instructors and professors as well. I have never met such a nice people. They stood up for their students in every situation, allowed to prepare some tasks for the next time as it was very difficult sometimes to handle with everything. I have never ordered write my essay service because those caring people were always ready to help us.

I will never forget my life in college. Of course, there always are pros and cons. But it is well worth it. Do not be afraid to discover something new. You will find entirely new life full of adventures. You can meet a lot of new interesting people, who will change your life for the best.

The student life is the most unforgettable and exiting period and I totally agree with this saying. Don’t waste your time at home no matter how warm and sweet it is. Go to a college and try to do the very best for yourself and your parents. They will be proud of you. Follow my story and find how wonderful this period of life is. Never mistrust your own powers and be sure you will handle it.